What is a Meet & Greet?

Taking a vacation should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. But part of that is ensuring that things are taken care of back at home. By hiring the right pet sitter, you get peace of mind knowing your animals are taken care of, and a sitter can even help keep an eye on your home for you. Finding the perfect pet sitter can be a difficult and daunting task. You want to be sure the sitter you choose is experienced and will take care of your fur baby the way that you would. One of the best ways to help build trust between you and your sitter is to have a Meet & Greet.

A Meet and Greet is a scheduled time for the sitter to meet you and your pets. If they will be boarding them in their home, you would meet at that location. But if they are watching your pets in your own home, it is best to have the meet and greet there. This allows them to observe your pet in their own environment where the pet will be more comfortable. Your pet sitter will ask you to walk them through the feeding routine, walking/exercise routine, and any other specifics you might have. This is the best time to discuss any rules you have in your home, like if your pet is allowed on furniture, how and where your pet sleeps, how frequently they need potty breaks, and you can go over any commands that your pet responds to. 

When meeting with a sitter, you should be open about your expectations and ask any questions you have. This is the chance to begin building a relationship with your sitter, and they can communicate their expectations to you as well.  An experienced pet sitter understands that each family has their own routines and should work to keep those as much as possible. You can discuss how many updates you want. Some clients prefer an update at every visit, some like a daily update, and some do not need anything unless there is an emergency. 

Most pet sitters will water plants, bring in mail, or handle any other small tasks to help give the appearance that your home is not sitting empty. We can open/close blinds or alternate lights, and do a quick “walk through” of your home at each visit to check for water leaks and ensure everything seems to be in its place. 

Here at Syd’s Pet Sitting, we want to do everything we can to build your trust and to keep you and your pets happy! We understand that sometimes you need a new sitter ASAP and there isn’t always time for a full meet and greet. However, we do try to schedule one when we can to ensure you get to know us and you are comfortable hiring us to care for your pets. If you have any further questions or would like to schedule a meet and greet, give us a call! 

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