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Professional Dog Walking Service In Northeast Valley

Walking your dog is one of the most important tasks performed by a pet sitter. By nature dogs are not meant to be confined within a specific space for longer than a few hours. They have energy, they have physical needs (they need to relieve themselves), and they have a desire to explore. What happens when they don’t get the exercise they need? They let out their energy on your furniture, shoes and other possessions. In fact, it may not just be their energy they’re letting out everywhere, if you know what I mean! Without the proper exercise they may resort to barking, digging, chewing and even aggression. Those are the only other things they know how to do in order to get the release they need.
Daily dog walks are the best way to ensure that your dog can go potty, use their energy efficiently and satisfy their curiosity. A good pet sitter, like Syd’s Pet Sitting can also provide some training for the leash and obedience. Yet, to have a well-trained pet means to maintain an environment that reinforces their training. Dogs obviously can’t tell time like humans can, but a regular schedule and routine helps a lot when it comes to keeping your dog on their best behavior.
Having a pet sitter is also a great opportunity to have an extra set of eyes on your home if you happen to be away. In this regard the pet sitter also becomes a house sitter. By keeping an eye on your pet during the day, they can also help recognize when the dog is not well.

Frequent dog walks help your pets use their energy productively, without it they find other ways . .

How Much Walking Does Your Dog Need?

Energy Needs By Breed

Different breeds of dogs have different needs. Dogs which are bred to hunt, sniff, protect, and work need more exercise than others. Bigger dogs also have larger bladders and bowels so it’s especially more important to give them time outside. Here are some walking needs based on the breed of your dog:

  • Brachycephalic Breeds: 20-30 minutes a day
  • Sight Hounds: 30-45 minutes a day
  • Giant Breeds: 30-45 minutes a day
  • Toy and small Breeds: 30-60 minutes a day
  • Terriers: 60-90 minutes a day
  • Scent Hounds: 60-90 minutes a day
  • Working Breeds: 60-120 minutes a day
  • Sporting Breeds: 60-120 minutes a day
  • Herding Breeds: 60-120 minutes a day

Low energy breeds include brachycephalic, sight hounds, and giant breeds. Brachycephalic means short-nosed or flat-faced dogs, like bull dogs or pugs. Medium energy breeds include toy and small breeds, terriers and scent hound breeds. High energy breeds include working, sporting and herding breeds. Sporting breeds include pointers, setters, spaniels and retrievers. Source.

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Dog Training & Walking

Walking the dog and letting them get their energy out productively is just one part of making sure they have proper behavior. The walk itself is an opportunity to teach or train the dog on proper behaviors since they see things and interact with other people and animals. They can be taught not to bark or not to run away. Of course the level at which this can be accomplished varies greatly by breed and age of the dog. Some are little more stubborn than others.
Younger pups will often have more training needs. They may have anxiety with the first walk and resist going on the walk at all, or they may tug the leash so hard for the walk that they can be sore later. If this accurately describes your dog then a harness may be needed to walk them properly.
For training purposes you and I can discuss the proper use of treats during the walk. As an experienced pet sitter I’m conscious of your pet’s health and diet. Yet, the proper use of treats can assist in training the pup. More on Leash Training.
Dog walks are opportunities for leash and obedience training.

Special Dog Walking Considerations in Arizona

Dogs need walks no matter where they live, but there are some special considerations when walking a dog in Arizona. Specifically these considerations are related to the crazy heat that we get here.

Respiration & Perspiration

Some dog breeds, like bull dogs or brachycephalic (short-nose) breeds cannot breathe as well as others. So the walk is not particularly intensive for those breeds. It’s done at their own pace so that we don’t produce hypoxia.
Dogs don’t have sweat glands like humans do so they pant to release heat.

Proper Hydration

All breeds of dogs, just like any human, should be properly hydrated throughout the year, and especially during the hot summer months. The body cooling mechanism for dogs is panting. Proper hydration allows them to keep their mouth moist even when panting.

Hot Pavement Can Burn Paws

If the pavement is too hot it can burn dog paws the same as it would burn a human foot. If it’s too hot for you to be barefoot outside, it’s too hot foOptions to avoid this are to give them little shoes (which some will not tolerate) or to go during hours where the pavement is not hot. Syd’s Pet Sitting is available 24/7 and can accommodate any schedule that is best for you and your pup.

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Syd’s Pet Sitting is an excellent dog walker in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Carefree, and Nearby Areas.

If you’re looking for a Phoenix dog walker that provides service in Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Carefree and the northeast valley, then you’ve found the best. My rates are more competitive than those of comparable quality and professionalism. In addition, I have the experience and background to ensure that your dog is well cared for. This experience includes over 5 years of professional pet sitting experience, vet tech experience which means I can administer medications to pets, and 6 years of volunteering at an all-breed rescue.
For every pet sitting job I take a picture to send to you and keep you updated frequently on how your pet is doing.
Perhaps the most important part of my service is that I give your furry friends the same love and care that you do. I love being with pets. See how quickly your pent and I can become the best of friends by scheduling a free meeting. I’ll walk your dog for free for 30 minutes after discussing any of your dog’s particular needs. Call 602-818-7771 to schedule today.
Dog walks are opportunities for leash and obedience training.