10 Reasons to Celebrate Your Dog

National Dog Day is August 26th, and we want to remind you of just a few reasons to celebrate your dog! Any dog-lover will know that there are countless reasons to be thankful for their faithful pooch, but we’ve narrowed it down to 10 great excuses to buy them a few extra treats for this day!

1. They’re a great wingman. Whether you are looking to just make new friends, or maybe a new date, taking your dog with you to the park, restaurant, or brewery will give you an easy conversation starter. 

2. They are great cuddlers. Most dogs, will love curling up next to you in bed or snuggling on the couch with you. To make them extra happy, you can always sit on the floor with them – they will most likely come to lay in your lap! Dogs love to be close to you and find comfort in physical touch. If you’ve had a long day, spend a few minutes cuddling with your fur-baby and your mood is almost certain to lift. 

3. They don’t judge you. Wearing a mismatched outfit? Singing out of tune? They really won’t care! They just love being around you, so even if you can’t dance, your dog doesn’t mind. 

4. They love to eat as much as you! It’s no secret that dogs love treats. They might like having a bite of your dinner, a homemade treat, or a tasty store-bought bone. 

5. They help keep you fit. It’s no secret that dogs need exercise. Some are happy with a walk around the block, a hike, or maybe even a jog. Getting out and moving with your pup will help keep you active which will keep you healthier overall. 

6. They love unconditionally. Dog’s don’t care if you are rich or poor, they will love you either way. Just as they will not judge you, they will love you with their whole hearts. You are their world! 

7. They are loyal. If you love and care for your dog, they will protect you with their life. Dogs are naturally protective over their pack, which includes you. 

8. They are always up for an adventure. Whether it’s a quick car ride, a walk around the block, or maybe a camping trip, your dog will be excited to be by your side! They are ready to go at a moment’s notice and they are always ready to explore with you.

9. They’re happy when you’re happy! Your dog will celebrate anything with you. They’re excited when you come home and even get excited to just go outside. Whatever the occasion, when they see you happy and excited, they will happy with you. 

10. They improve your mental health. Studies show that pets reduce stress and help keep you active. This combination, plus having a steady companion can greatly improve your mental health. If you are sad they might come to lay with you or try to cheer you up, because no matter what, they love you!

How will you celebrate your dog this month? We would love to hear your stories or see photos! Tell us some of your reasons for celebrating your fur-baby and the ways you celebrate them all year long. 

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